Chief Petty Officer Chris Kyle was a prolific sniper in the American Navy — but there was a lot more to the man behind the battle.

Through his four tours of Iraq, he was respected by his fellow soldiers and feared by the enemy, his marksmanship commemorated in the New York Times best-selling book, American Sniper and the blockbuster motion picture of the same name.

Taya and Chris walking

His war experiences led Chris to disconnect from his wife, Taya and family. They worked hard to overcome the effects that many soldiers and military families experience. When he completed his fourth and final tour, Chris and Taya decided to take a leadership position assisting veterans and first responders to reconnect with society after deployment.

Additionally, the publication of American Sniper helped open up the conversation among military families about post-traumatic stress and dealing with its lasting impact.

Tragically, Chris and good friend Chad Littlefield lost their lives while helping a former military member in February 2013 and Taya was left to raise their two young children alone. She continues to lead and support efforts assisting veterans and first responders following deployment through many initiatives. In November 2014, Taya launched the Chris Kyle Frog Foundation to continue the work Chris had started. The Chris Kyle Frog Foundation provides opportunities for military and first responder couples and families to reconnect through Revitalization Retreats.