“The cooks has an amazing ability and is a perfect chef! I always look forward to her genuine smiles, and delicious food! Thank you Zoi!”


“The PA is one of the very best medical professional I’ve ever had the fortune to encounter. I can’t imagine a better PA.”


“Thank you. All of you!! Keep up the great work.”


“Today I leave CKPH with a new hope and a fresh start to a great life. Because of every single staff member from the doctor to clinicians to janitors to nurses to kitchen staff to admin and everyone else. I was able to find a new way of living by working my own healthy program. I am alive. My life is saved. And I realize now that I am worth having. Thank you.”


“Coming to CKPH was exactly what I needed to do, the best possible decision I could have ever made for myself. This place has saved my life. I look forward to the future.”


“Thank you to all the nurses and staff! Even during the holidays when most people had time off, all of the representatives of Chris Kyle maintained a positive and caring attitude, going above and beyond in providing the best and most compassionate caring environment.”


“The staff is always doing lots for us patients and they take their jobs seriously.”


“The nursing staff go above and beyond to make sure patients are taken care of. They are sweet and kind to all, and make me feel very confident in my care and in expressing my concerns.”


“J., an MHS staff smiles, laughs, comforts and is committed to helping any and everybody regardless of their attitude, or need. She has given me hope when I had none, a smile when I needed it and shown love when my heart was breaking.”


“The recreational therapist has definitely brought the artist out in me, and I know we can all be resistant to that sometimes, but art class has turned into such a wonderful therapeutic atmosphere as you actually think about what you are doing and the confidence it gives.”


“Wow! What a pleasant and wonderful cook! You know you can expect something yummy for your tummy when you see him cooking and a pleasant smile to go with it. “


“The music therapist has touched my heart with her music and the way she is able to bring the music and trauma together and bring healing touches.”