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In response to the present and growing need for high quality and intensive behavioral health services, Chris Kyle Patriots Hospital has developed our military treatment program through the Patriot Support Program network of treatment centers, support staff and medical professionals dedicated to treating active duty members of the military, veterans and their families. 

For our Active-Duty members:

We provide unparalleled treatment to active-duty service members facing a variety of behavioral health challenges. Recognizing the unique stressors and experiences associated with military service, Chris Kyle Patriots Hospital offers comprehensive and personalized care for issues such as PTSD, depression, substance use, and complex trauma. Our dedicated staff, psychiatrists and therapists work closely with referring agencies to ensure seamless communication and customized goals for active-duty personnel in our tailored programs.

For our Veterans:

Chris Kyle Patriots Hospital caters to the specific needs of veterans, providing a supportive environment that addresses the distinct challenges faced during and after service. We understand the complexities of transitioning to civilian life and managing service-related trauma, and our specialized programs focus on helping overcome obstacles such as depression, PTSD, and addiction. We deliver evidence-based treatment, hope and healing.

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